Sunday, December 16, 2012

Healthy Choice

As a member of the website Crowdtap, I can win the opportunity to do a sample share.  I was fortunate enough to get one for Healthy Choice, Baked entrees.  I was given a coupon for $1.00, and coupons for 5 of my friends as well.

I decided to actually try two of the entrees, because they looked yummy, and they also looked perfect for a fast lunch for me.  I tried the Four Cheese Ziti Marinara, and the Lasagna.  They were really good.  I was pleasantly surprised by how tasty they really were. 

I was worried that the pasta would taste rubbery, or to dry from the freezer.  But it wasn't.  It was just right.  The sauce was a little on the spicy side for my, but I would definitely buy these again.  They were a cheap and yummy lunch for me this week.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

hotel transylvania

So, once again I was accepted to host a house party.  This time for the movie Hotel Transylvania.  Unfortunately, Emma's surgery and subsequent hospitalization kind of cut into the party plans.  We did however, do some monster stuff.  We got together with a group of people and made monster masks.  And we played with a website and made ourselves into monsters.

waiting to get started on the paper plate masks

our friends are already starting on theirs.  How many eyeballs should we add?

love the hair and teeth!

spooky monster!

feeling a little run down... but had fun with this website.

Thanks Crowdtap for the fun party.  I just wish we could have had the party that I had planned.  Oh, well.  Life happens.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

McCorkmick grill party

Slight change in direction.  I'm going to post on here about a barbecue party that we had.  Featuring the wonderful products from McCormick.  We headed up to the mountains in Albion and were happy to find a great place, and great weather.

 The men got the grill set up and started to heat it up

 Then they got the hamburgers going, of course don't forget the seasoning!
 There was some exploring while we waited for lunch.

The spread... chips, salads, and of course the seasonings used on the burgers

 Helping themselves to the yummy stuff

Who can resist watermelon!

Looks like she had fun!

Awesome food, great company, and great weather (it rained shortly after we left).