Sunday, September 2, 2012

McCorkmick grill party

Slight change in direction.  I'm going to post on here about a barbecue party that we had.  Featuring the wonderful products from McCormick.  We headed up to the mountains in Albion and were happy to find a great place, and great weather.

 The men got the grill set up and started to heat it up

 Then they got the hamburgers going, of course don't forget the seasoning!
 There was some exploring while we waited for lunch.

The spread... chips, salads, and of course the seasonings used on the burgers

 Helping themselves to the yummy stuff

Who can resist watermelon!

Looks like she had fun!

Awesome food, great company, and great weather (it rained shortly after we left).

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Dominic Pablo said...

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