Monday, April 22, 2013


As a member of the website Crowdtap, I get the opportunity to apply for "sample and shares".  I enjoy this, because I get to use products that I normally wouldn't buy and I can compare them to the products that I do buy. 

One of the most recent sample/shares that I had was for Woolite.  I used the product on my clothes, but as with a sample like this, I can't honestly say if it made a difference or not.  I would have to use it on the long term. 

My clothes did, however, smell clean, and they came out just as clean as they do with the detergent that I normally use.

I was able to give out some samples to my friends to try, as well.

This is the one that I used.  It had a nice coupon to purchase a larger Woolite.

The samples.

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