Tuesday, September 10, 2013

hot tub for sale-- SOLD

This is a post about the hot tub we are selling.  We are asking $200.00, and it is a fixer upper, but nothing major.  Here is a list of things that it needs:  a new cover, a thermostat, and a small leak/drip fixed.  This is an as is sale, and the buyer will have to haul off of the property.
 Jacuzzi Essence 350, 1999 model.  In great shape, with clean interior.  

This is a video of the jets working.

This is the filter that is in it right now.  It is clean, and still has some use left in it.

This is the control panel.  It has 4 settings, low jets, low jets with light, high jets with light, and high jets.

We put water in it, and ran the jets to make sure that they were working.  All of them are in working condition.

This is the "innards".  The leak is a small drip, and off to the side.  Everything else looked good.  Some sealant would be all it took to take care of the leak. 

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