Friday, January 10, 2014

singer sewing machine

I bought this sewing machine from a lady who told me it worked good and that it was only missing one little piece that could be easily found on ebay.  When we got it home, we discovered that there was more than one little piece missing and it didn't run well.  Since I don't want to do that to someone else, I am listing all the things that I think are missing.  The Slide Plate is available on Ebay, but it appears to also be missing a spool pin, and the bobbin case.  The light does NOT turn on, I am guessing that it only needs a new light bulb.  And when it is plugged in, The small gear in as shown in the first picture below is the only thing that moves.  I know that this needs a lot of work, that is why I am only asking $25.00 for it.  This is a Model: AE268436 (which is from 1936 according to Singer's website).

You can contact me on facebook, or through the comments section on this blog.  Thanks for looking.

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